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Easter Bunny Hop 2013
Mistä torstai, 28. maaliskuu 2013
Mihin maanantai, 1. huhtikuu 2013
Osumat : 8338


Come and hop with the bunny!

Dear fellow dancer, it's time to shine your shoes and smooth your moves, 'cause this coming Easter we're going to put all the bunnies in the same basket and shake it! Everyone knows the Tooth Fairy is really your mom and Santa Claus now works for Coca Cola, so we decided to dedicate this camp to the one and only mythical creature that still has some balls - the Easter Bunny!

Prepare to Lindy hop 'til you drop during these four days and nights full of rhythm and movement!

Teacher line-up:
Ali & Katja
Patrick & Natasha

Opetusta suomeksi:
Juha & Sabina (alkeet+alkeisjatko)
+ yllätysbonbonopettajia!
    • 4  nights of parties
    • 3 days of learning and sharing ideas
    • 2 great bands
    • Friday night Cabaret
    • Spectacular shows
    • a pinch of surprises
    • Jack & Jill
    • 12 hours of classes
    • bonbons
    • yhden päivän alkeet suomeksi (4h)
    • kahden päivän alkeisjatko suomeksi (8h)


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