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Swingintine's Weekend
Mistä lauantai, 11. helmikuu 2017 -  11:00
Mihin sunnuntai, 12. helmikuu 2017 - 17:00
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Get ready for a weekend full of dancing with national and international teachers on the weekend before Saint Valentines. Charming Mikko and Riikka from Helsinki will share their knowledge about musicality on Saturday, and incredible Emelie and Rebecka DecaVita from Stockholm will give us a unique chance to learn about connection (and surely much more) on Sunday.

Also there will be one class of solo jazz, a pre-party surprise taster, and of course a good amount of social dancing on Saturday night.

The Schedule is as follows:

SATURDAY @ Ikurin Liikuntahalli
11.00-16.00 MUSICALITY WORKSHOP with Riikka and Mikko (Level: Improvers and up)

16.30-17.30 SOLO JAZZ with Rebecka and Emelie
(All levels, we can split levels if needed)

18.00-19.00 TASTER with Rebecka and Emelie
(All levels)

19.00-22.00 SOCIAL DANCE
(afterparty possible ;)

SUNDAY @ Tammelan koulu
12.00-17.00 CONNECTION WORKSHOP with Rebecka and Emelie
(Level: Intermediate and advanced)


Musicality pass - 30e*
(includes all classes with Riikka and Mikko)

Saturday full pass - 50e*
(includes all classes with Riikka and Mikko, solo class, taster and party)

Connection pass - 55e*
(includes all classes with Rebecka and Emelie, solo, taster and party)

All you can dance - Fullpass - 65e*
(includes both teacher couples, solo, taster and party)

Solo jazz, taster, party - 20e
(all levels, no registration needed)

Solo jazz only - 10e
(attention: no registration needed, pay cash)

Taster + party only - 10e
(attention: no registration needed, pay cash)

* = plus membership fee of 10e

*** Registration instructions***
Go to https://www.swingteam.fi/swingapp/register/course/194 , fill the form and pick the options you would like to attend (check also the level).

ATTENTION: Tickets for solo jazz, taster and party will be on sale in the location, no need for previous registration. CASH ONLY!

The member fee has to be paid by bank transaction, other payments can be paid by transaction, cash or with culture or sports coupons. When using these options, bring a seperate paper with your name and the reference number that was provided in the registration confirmation e-mail.