Swingin' Mondays: Jimbino Vegan & The Swing Barbarians
maanantai, 9. toukokuu 2016, 20:00 - 22:30
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Jimbino Vegan & The Swing Barbarians


Adrian Taranga - guitar
Pablo Bardaud - contrabass
Leonie Evans - vocals and washboard

We met in New Orleans but all come from europe - France and UK. We play a mixture of blues, old new orleans jazz, musette and gypsy jazz. Featuring the amazing Adrian Taranga on guitar and the beautiful voice of Leonie Evans.

A light hearted, happy, joyful sound that is nice to relax to or dance to!

Ilmainen tanssiopetus kello 19 / Free dance lesson at 7 pm

Liput 6 € / Tickets 6 €

Paikka Ravintola Teerenpeli Tampere, Hämeenkatu 25, 33200 Tampere, Suomi