Attending the weekly classes actively, going to private classes, and visiting workshops offers you new material for your dancing. However, in order to put that permanently into your dance, you need to practice independently at your own pace. Only by repetition and by putting in thousands of dance kilometers will you start to see results. Whether your goal is to compete or simply attend dance parties, we recommend independent practice for everybody. To offer this service to you, we have open practice times in Tesoma.


Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong.




Who can attend?

The times are meant for all Swing Team members who want to develop their dancing. We recommend this for all levels of dancers.


When and where can I train?

Swing Team’s hall is free for practice outside of weekly classes and other special events. See free times in the calendar here.

It’s very important that you mark the list when you attend the open practice times for Swing Team’s bookkeeping. The entryway can also be used when it’s free. You can get a portable CD player from the dance hall so you can play music in the entryway.



In order to use these open practice slots, you must have paid the membership fee of 15 euro and either the seasonal fee or the open practice fee (see price list).

Seasonal Payment*
Single Reservation
Seasonal Free practise (no classes)
 Reserve hall for own use (for members)
0 e
8 e 
35 e 
15 e / h 

 *Everyone who has paid for at least one 5-week course is eligible to use the free practice without extra payment


ABCs of Free Practice

Come practice alone, with a partner, or in a group. If there’s no reservation in the hall, it’s free to use for everyone. If there’s other people practicing at the same time, please be civil and make sure everyone is in agreement.

Those who arrive first have the priority to play the music they like, but in order to keep up good relations, please also take other dancers into account.

When you come to free practice, bring your own music. You can play music from your phone, tablet, or computer with the AUX cable. There are also a few portable CD players with an AUX cable.

When you leave the hall, please clean up after yourself. Also, turn off the power to the speakers, the DJ area, and the lights.

If you leave after 21, and there’s no event in the building, you need to lock the outside door.

The open time users can also use these times for private lessons with Swing Team coaches. Their email addresses are

The hall users are responsible for the electrical equipment they use and other equipment of Swing Team. If you have any questions, like the equipment or anything else, please contact info (at)

Have a happy and productive season!

Keep calm and go practice.

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You can also use these as payment:



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